“Internet video production has been expensive, disruptive to the team and unnecessarily painful.”

Not anymore.

 Our Significant Difference:

PLAYBOOKS:  We’ve spent a lot of time and money pulling together video-best-practices in many different industries – the doors opened because of our relationships with 8500+ CEOs authentically-interviewed on our sister business www.ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com.

NO SCRIPT:  There is no need for an expensive, constraining script.  Getting each participant to agree and worry about each and every word “takes the air” out of an authentic, engaging, believable interview.  The better idea?  A good interviewer can ask the right questions pre-agreed from a “Shot-Sheet” which enables existing team members to be a bit spontaneous, take pride and author future productions.   Imagine equipping your own team members to easily create video!  Simple editing can clean up sneezing, coughing, etc.

AUTHENTIC INTERVIEW:  Nobody authentically-interviews like ExecutiveLeaders Radio.com – we created the #1 business radio show because of our interviewing technique – simply google “Executive Leaders Radio” to learn our stellar reputation.   Authentic is what makes an internet video believable.  And negates the need for an expensive, team-disruptive and painful script.  Viewers of all ages are bombarded by “content clutter” and quick to turn-off fake, unreal “taking heads.”  Offscreen we’ll ask your folks the fewest questions to make the point(s) of your video.  You’ll gain the commitment of your family or business team because they’ll have a role in their new video!  We’ll help you hone the questions and we’ll put your teammates at ease.   Instead of a scary script which each individual needs to rehearse, and then waste more time because the team needs to gather to rehearse collectively, frightening some of the participants.  Don’t Hire Expensive and Fake Talent.  Our off-camera interviewer will make your folks feel at ease and natural by simply asking the right questions.  Your team mates won’t be standing for hours in front of hot lighting and huge cameras.  Rather, with typical office lighting their individual interviews will typically take 5-10 minutes and make them look great because we’ll shoot from the most complementary angles.

USE YOUR LOCATION:  Don’t waste your money scouting a location and paying an exorbitant rental fee.  Use your home, office or warehouse which we’ll insure look great, especially if we use “greenscreen” to superimpose the most perfect backdrop for that segment of your video (identical to what television stations use with their meteorologists).

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY HIRING A SHOOTING CREW:  Rare is the need for more than a 1, 2 or 3 camera angle shoot unless you’re producing Hollywood, which isn’t necessary for the internet.

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY HIRING AN EDITING TEAM:  If your off-camera interviewer asks the right people the fewest questions (after putting them at ease), and your shooter captures the interviews and the facility from a couple angles “shot for the edit,” instead of generating a ton of extra footage the “Shot Sheet” keeps the editing process time-efficient to make the point of your video without the need for additional expensive edits.

WE OFFER A FIXED-PRICE, & A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – YOU ARE THE SOLE JUDGE!  We’ll provide you our final edit (not wasting your time sucking you into little “video adds, deletes and changes” so we can make more money), and if you’re not happy within 7 days we will have sent you a full refund and our apologies for wasting your time – and embarrassing ourselves – and ruining the potential for our long-term relationship.
We want to be your long-term interview video production company who you trust to do video better, cheaper and easier.   We want to earn your trust and your business.  Please give us a try.  Nobody can deliver better quality video for a lesser cost and make it easier on you and your team than us.  Because of our talented team and our processes.  We look at video “differently,” and we understand your team needs to focus on their focus, not on video.

We’re well-recognized masters of interviewing to tell the story – we created the #1 business radio show in the MidAtlantic States, www.ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com.  So you don’t need to suffer with a zillion script revisions,  or need to hire expensive actors, or have to pay for an expensive location, or pay for tons of shooting equipment and then lots of editing.   Google “Executive Leaders Radio” to learn our reputation.  

Put us to the test – we’ll provide you with our Money-Back-Guarantee!  See if we can truly capture (interview, shoot and edit) your unique story in the most cost-effective, engaging manner.   Including quality graphics, music-under and special effects.